Are you planning on a cottage rental next summer for your vacation? Do you know when and where you want to go? Do you know how to find the rental cottage that will provide the best experience for your family? Some of the key considerations are location, the quality of the cottages and the quality of the other facilities – such as the beach and swimming area.

Location is generally the most important consideration for most people who are considering spending a week or weekend at a rented cottage. Most people will usually want to rent a cottage that is not too far from where they live. Most people are willing to drive a maximum of 4 hours to get to their rental cottage. Any more than that and it starts to become a driving vacation as opposed to a cottage vacation. If you are planning on activities such as fishing and boating, you will need to ensure that the location you are considering permit this and whether or not they have fishing boats or other watercraft available to rent. If you are looking to do some fishing as part of your cottage rental vacation, you will need to make sure that the locations you are considering are good fishing lakes.

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